20 Years of Ozone Leadership in Windsor

WUC Celebrates 20th Anniversary as First Utility to Introduce Ozone

June 15, 2021

Windsor, ON: Since the implementation of Ozone as primary method of water disinfection at the A. H. Weeks Water Treatment Plant on June 15, 2001, Windsor Utilities Commission (WUC) and ENWIN Utilities Ltd. (ENWIN) have gained 20 years of invaluable experience running, maintaining and optimizing the Ozone system. 

Today they are celebrating their success as front-runners in Ozone implementation and water purification technology, across the province, as they celebrate the 20th anniversary of Ozone at Windsor’s water treatment plant.

“When we first implemented Ozone treatment, although it was known to be a great water disinfectant, it was not considered an industry standard,” said Garry Rossi, Vice President Water Operations at ENWIN. “In fact, we were the first drinking water purification facility in Ontario to implement its use in our water treatment.” 

The Ozone implementation has proven so successful that, 20 years after it was first implemented by WUC, many plants across the province have followed suit.

“Ozone truly has become an accepted, and in some cases, preferred industry standard,” commented Rossi, citing its effectiveness in treating and eliminating blue green algae and other emerging contaminants. “We are proud that it all started here, with us.”

Over the years, WUC has invested many additional technological enhancements to its Ozone implementation, which keep it top-of-class in the Ozone implementation sphere.

“We’ve added a third, smaller Ozone generator, adjusted Ozone dosing and quenching, incorporated Ozone into CT calculations, incorporated it into the Plant Performance Ratios and SCADA system and increased our understanding of Ozone generating equipment, asset life-cycle and maintenance requirements,” explains Rossi. 

“Ultimately,” added Helga Reidel, President and CEO of ENWIN, “We are proud to have been the first to adopt a brand new, breakthrough technological application in 2001, and that, through our early adoption and continuing leadership, Ozone has become an industry-wide accepted, highly reliable water treatment method of primary disinfection.”

Over the years, WUC and ENWIN’s position as leaders in water technology and innovation has been reflected through awards such as Innovative Technologies Award for a Large Utility at the Canadian from the Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA), and the Water’s Next Award for Early Adoption in Technology and Innovation at the Water Canada Summit. But ultimately, it is the customers who benefit – through consistent, safe, reliable water.

“WUC and ENWIN are leading the way in North American water purification and treatment,” concluded Rossi. “We are proud of our record for ensuring that the people of Windsor and beyond have a clean, safe, reliable supply of water, now and for future generations.” 

“We are proud of the diligence and ingenuity of our Water Division, which maintains our cutting-edge position in the water sector,” concluded Reidel. “Congratulations to all our workers who dedicate their talent and ingenuity to the success of our water operations.” 

The utility has enjoyed a 100 percent rating from the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) for nine consecutive years.