ENWIN and WPS Alert to Residents: Always Question the Identity of Door-to-Door Callers!

November 10, 2016

Windsor, ON: ENWIN and Windsor Police Services are warning customers to be on the lookout for a potential door-to-door scammer, trying to gain access to homes by claiming to be an ENWIN representative.

The warning follows a call to ENWIN this week, by a customer reporting that someone had tried to gain access to her home by telling her that watermain work was scheduled for her street, and they needed to inspect her plumbing to verify if she had copper pipes. She said the stranger did not have an ENWIN badge, so she did not let them into her home. Instead, she closed the door and called ENWIN.

“This was the right thing to do,” said Barbara Peirce Marshall, ENWIN’s Manager of Corporate Communications. “Because this customer was vigilant and aware, we were able to notify Windsor Police Services, and they are now also on the lookout for door-to-door scammers.”

Constable Andrew Drouillard of the Windsor Police Service reminds people to be vigilant.

“Scam artists will develop elaborate schemes to defraud the public. Always question the identity of ANY door-to-door caller. Remember you are not obligated to let a stranger enter your home. If you cannot identify the person as an ENWIN representative, call the company for verification.”

“We take our responsibility to the community very seriously,” Peirce Marshall continued. “By working with the Windsor Police Service, we hope to help customers recognize door-to-door scams and find a way to stop them.”

Here’s how you can stay safe from door-to-door scams:

  • Ask for photo ID and get the name of the person and the business.
  • If in doubt, call ENWIN to verify the identity of the visitor at 519-255-2727.
  • Never share personal information about your bills or finances with a stranger.
  • You are in charge. Don’t give anyone access to your home, unless you know it is safe.
  • If you ask a caller to leave, they must leave right away.
  • If you feel unsafe, call Windsor Police Services.

It is very rare for ENWIN to visit door-to-door. If it is necessary, the utility will notify customers in advance, by phone or in writing, or both.

Peirce Marshall gave an example of a current canvassing of the Little River Acres Community, where ENWIN’s conservation representatives are going door-to-door this week, to inform people about an energy savings program (the Heat Pump Pilot Program) which is specific to their neighbourhood, and can save them money.

“The difference is,” she explained, “that our representatives all carry official ENWIN service provider badges, and we have notified customers in the neighbourhood, in advance, that we will be there.”

The Heat Pump Pilot Program wraps up this week. Canvassers will be in Little River Acres daily, from Tuesday to Friday, but nowhere else in the Windsor area.

Follow @ENWINUtilities and @WindsorPolice on twitter, or visit the Government of Ontario website at https://www.ontario.ca/page/door-door-sales-and-home-service-contracts for more information on door-to-door scam prevention.

ENWIN Utilities Ltd. (ENWIN) a licensed electricity distribution company, serving customers in the City of Windsor, and the licensed water system operator for the Windsor area water system owned by Windsor Utilities Commission. ENWIN works with Windsor to provide a safe, reliable source of electricity and water for our community.