ENWIN Employees Put Their Hats On For Windsor Regional Hospital’s Healthcare Initiative

“Hats On For Healthcare was a fun way for ENWIN to get involved and make a difference! We all had a great time showing off our hats to support a good cause.”  Mona Khalil, Customer Service Representative

A seres of images of people wearing various hats

On March 1, ENWIN employees showed off their creative head attire in support of Windsor Regional Hospital’s Hats On For Healthcare initiative.

The event, which just completed its eighth year, helps to raise funds for services that are offered by Windsor Regional Hospital (WRH).

Participating employees each contributed a $2 donation to sport their hat at the office, raising a total of $275. To celebrate the generosity of its employees, ENWIN matched the funds for a grand total of $550 donated to WRH. Everyone had a great time supporting a great cause!

A sincere thank you goes out to Mona Khalil for organizing ENWIN’s Hats On For Healthcare day!

Since its beginning, Hats On For Healthcare has raised more than $190,000 for Windsor Regional Hospital. Proceeds from this year's event will support the purchase of medical equipment needed to provide services in medicine, surgery and mental health.