ENWIN Wants to See Your Business in a New Light!

Wednesday, Sep. 13, 2017

ENWIN Wants to See Your Business in a New Light!

Windsor ON: ENWIN's Small Business Lighting (SBL) Program is offering up to $2,000 in incentives to small businesses interested in implementing energy efficient lighting upgrades, now through Dec 31, 2020.

Who's eligible?

The Small Business Lighting Program is available to owners or tenants of commercial, institutional, agricultural and multi-family buildings, who have an average electricity demand of less than 100 kW annually.

What's being offered?

All participants will receive a free, on-site lighting assessment by an experienced SBL program assessor. Each customer is eligible to receive up to $2,000 in incentives toward implementing energy efficient lighting upgrades. Additional incentives are available for projects that exceed the $2,000 limit.

The no cost, no obligation assessment of the current lighting system will include a report showing potential energy savings, available incentives, payback periods and any participant contribution that may be required.

Some of the energy conservation measures offered under the program do not require an electrical permit. These can even be installed during the assessment, should the customer elect to participate. Energy conservation measures that do require an electrical permit will be scheduled for installation at a later date by a licensed electrical contractor.

Why is this important to small business owners and operators?

Small businesses often face barriers that prevent them from taking advantage of energy efficiency retrofits. Barriers can range from capital budget restraints to lack of time and expertise required to identify potential projects. Many small business owners who lease their space are reluctant to invest in the landlord's property, particularly if their lease term is short.

The direct install approach of the SBL Program allows customers to access energy efficient lighting by providing financial incentives to cover up-front costs. The turn-key application and installation process makes participation simple and effortless for the customer.

How can customers apply?

ENWIN has hired Burman Energy Consultants Group Inc. to deliver the SBL Program in our service area. Customers who are interested in participating in the program can call 1-833-725-7283 to schedule an appointment.

SBL assessors will also be coming to the door of your business. Please note that this is not a residential program and Burman will not be visiting individual homes. Prior to canvassing within a given business area, ENWIN will communicate with customers via direct mail, to make them aware of the program. All assessors will carry ENWIN contractor badges with photo ID at all times. Customers who have questions or concerns regarding the SBL assessors can contact ENWIN directly at 519-255-2727.

Where is the program offered?

The SBL program is offered to small business customers within ENWIN's service territory.