Frequently Asked Questions

Why would ENWIN/WUC reintroduce fluoride back into our water supply?
The recommendation to reintroduce fluoride was provided to Windsor’s City Council and to County Council, by our local Windsor Essex County Health Unit, as a method to improve Oral Health. Many municipalities do add fluoride to their water supply, and this is allowed under provincial regulation.  Decisions of this kind are made by the elected officials of the municipalities that receive our water. WUC’s responsibility, through the staff of ENWIN, is the safe operation, treatment and distribution of drinking water in accordance with all applicable legislation and regulation, and we are responsible to take the appropriate steps necessary to implement this decision.

When will Fluoride be reintroduced to the water supply?
Our first priorities are always the safety of our water system and our customers, as well as adherence to all legislative requirements for a water supply. Update regarding Reintroduction of Fluoride.

How can I get information?
All questions regarding the Fluoride decision by Windsor City Council on December 17, 2018, should be addressed to the City of Windsor. If you call 311, they can direct you to the appropriate party.