Lighting Up the Night for Maryvale 

ENWIN Superheroes Participate in the Maryvale Night Run

August 20, 2018

Windsor, ON: On your mark, get set, GO! The ENWIN Superheroes were off as they laced up to walk, run or roll in support of Maryvale on Saturday night.

As participants in the night run, the ENWIN Superheroes team of 31 helped to support youth facing mental health challenges within our community. 

“This is ENWIN’s third year supporting Maryvale’s Annual Night Run,” said Barbara Peirce Marshall, Manager of Corporate Communications. “Maryvale is a wonderful organization and ENWIN couldn’t be more delighted to support them in their work to help the young people of our community.”

The evening began with a 200 metre and 1K kids dash, followed by the 5K family run. Hundreds of participants could be seen lighting up the riverfront with their one-of-a-kind ENWIN Light-up-the-Night LED baseball caps.

“The community support shown at this event is tremendous,” said Maryvale’s Executive Director, Connie Martin. “We express many thanks to ENWIN for the enthusiasm and support they have shown us.”

All money raised from the event will directly benefit Maryvale’s Family Mental Health Treatment Centre in Windsor.

ENWIN Group Photos - Maryvale 2018 Event

Thank you to all of the ENWIN Superheroes for your dedication and service in helping our community: Brett Chaborek, Katie Chaborek, Annetta Spagnuolo, Robert Spagnuolo, Lynn Tufek, Ian Tufek, James Tufek, Jessica Tufek, Aislinn Liolli, Matthew Stacey, Matt Parent, Taylor Whitehead, Rosana Kemsley, Lyndsay Meloche, Erin Meloche, Barbara Peirce Marshall, Catherine Tan, Kristian Kasemets, Fatima Moczko, Grant Pennington, Janice Pennington, Katie Pennington, Brett Severin, Lisa Vitale, Steel Ricciotti, Michael Jaworski, Mona Khalil, Hamoudy Kobeissi, Suzanne Leonard, Stephanie Wrixon and Justin Wrixon.