Fire Hydrant Flow Testing Program

ENWIN Water Operations performs water hydrant flow testing as part of annual system maintenance. The annual hydrant flow testing program is now complete for 2023

Customers located in the targeted flushing areas may notice some mild discolouration and sedimentation while the flow testing is taking place. ENWIN assures customers that this is not harmful and should clear up quickly when testing is complete.

ENWIN recommends that customers follow the guidelines listed below, when system flow testing is underway nearby:

  • Avoid doing laundry until water runs clear.
  • Wait until water is clear before drinking.
  • Use only cold water until system flow testing is complete.
  • When testing is complete in your area, run cold water through your interior faucets until clear.

Any homeowner who continues to see discolouration in their water 12 hours after flow testing is completed should call ENWIN at 519-255-2727 (Option 3). 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can I call ENWIN for information if I do not have email or internet?

A. Yes, customers can call our customer service department during work hours at 519-255-2727.

Q. How can I find out where testing will take place?

A. Our Bill Insert indicates the boundaries within which testing will take place this summer.  Monthly updates in the Windsor Star newspaper will outline testing locations for the month.  For daily updates, visit @enwinutilities.

Q. What should I do if I have already used the water after testing started?

A. If you notice a discolouration or disturbed sediment, you should immediately stop using the water for cleaning or washing.  Turn on the cold-water faucet and allow any disturbed water to flow through the internal plumbing system.  If water is drawn into a washing machine, the load should be re-run after flushing the cold-water system.  This load should be washed in the cold-water cycle.  If the customer finds laundry has been stained, call ENWIN for an additive that will remove these stains.

Q. What do I do if sediment has been drawn into my hot-water heater?

A. Flush the hot water heater until it comes cold.  Sediment or discolouration should clear quickly, usually after one tank of water.

Q. What should I do if I accidentally drink some of the disturbed water?

A. There is no action that needs to be taken.  This water is perfectly safe and is the same water that runs through the main.  It may not look pleasing, but it is not harmful.

Q. How long does hydrant testing last?  How will I know when it is complete?

A. Flow testing of hydrants on a particular street usually lasts no longer than 30 minutes from start to finish and may end sooner.  The actual flow of the hydrant only lasts two to four minutes.  If you see the crews have left the site, that means the work is complete.  However, tests being conducted on adjacent streets may still cause disturbed water.  This is why we suggest that the customers allow an entire day for this process.

Q. If I see disturbed water, how long should I wait before testing the water to see if it is clear?

A. Most disturbed water events will clear within 5-15 minutes.  Just run the cold water tap until clear.

Q. If the water is disturbed and then runs clear, does that mean testing is done or could it get disturbed again?

A. This is a possibility, as we are simulating fire flow events.  Just because the water is clear on that particular street, does not mean flows on adjacent streets will not cause further disturbances.  This possibility exists for the duration of the day.