Water System Hydrant Flushing Program

UPDATE: 2020 Flushing Operations are now complete. Information regarding 2021 operations will be posted in the Spring.

ENWIN Water Operations perform water hydrant flushing as part of annual system maintenance. Information about where this work is taking place is outlined on the Hydrant System Flushing Map. Daily updates are posted to our Twitter feed, @ENWINUtilities, accessible on the the homepage.

Customers located in the targeted flushing areas may notice some mild discolouration and sedimentation while the flushing is taking place. ENWIN assures customers that this is not harmful and should clear up after running their cold water tap for several minutes.

ENWIN recommends that customers follow the guidelines listed below, when system flushing is underway nearby:

  • Fill some containers with water you may require during the duration of the work.
  • Laundry may be damaged due to discolouration of the water. Please avoid doing laundry until the flushing has completed work in your neighbourhood for that day.
  • Try not to run any hot water taps, as some discoloured water and sediment may be drawn into your hot water heater.
  • When the system flushing is finished and you notice discolouration, flow cold water through your interior faucets until the water is clear.

Any homeowner who continues to see discolouration in their water 24 hours after flushing has completed should call ENWIN at 519-255-2727. Customers with additional questions regarding the flushing operations can contact ENWIN at info@enwin.com.