ENWIN Update on Fire Damage to Electrical Equipment at Westcourt Place

November 13, 2019

Windsor, ON: Yesterday, ENWIN was asked to shut off power at 251 Goyeau, so that firefighters could safely fight the fire.

Unfortunately, the electrical supply that goes to the Westcourt Place building also supplies other buildings in the area and those customers were consequently also out of power. When Windsor Fire and Rescue Services cleared ENWIN crews to go back into the building, they checked ENWIN’s equipment. ENWIN’s electrical equipment was not damaged by the fire and ENWIN workers were able to restore power to those customers who were unaffected by the fire.

By 4:45 p.m., power was restored to all customers in the area, with the exception of those residing in the building at 251 Goyeau.

The Westcourt Place building owner is working to repair the building’s electrical distribution system, which was damaged by the fire. When that is done, the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) will inspect the work and issue an authorization to connect and restore power to the building.

Once ESA approval is obtained, the building owner will be allowed to close his disconnect switch, and the building will be back in power.