Windsor Utilities Commission completes reservoir renovation upgrading Windsor’s water infrastructure

February 28, 2022

Windsor, ON: Windsor Utilities Commission (WUC) is proud to announce the completion of integral renovations on water reservoir D which is located at the A.H. Weeks Water Treatment Plant on Wyandotte Street.  

Commencing in July of 2021, the renovations included concrete repairs, insulation, joint sealing and waterproofing.  The upgrades also included a baffling system which was installed to further modernize the reservoir and improve performance.  “The baffles move the water within the structure, creating a small current that reduces any standing water areas,” states Christopher Manzon, Director of Water Engineering.

Originally completed in 1965 the reservoir has been a vital component to Windsor’s water system containing over 70 million litres of treated water, which is the equivalent of 28 Olympic size swimming pools.  The rehabilitation work on reservoir D was able to proceed at this time because of the recent construction of the George Avenue reservoir which went into service in 2019.

As of February 16th, reservoir D has returned to service and will complement the George Avenue reservoir.  With both facilities now in operation this will alleviate pressures on the system while giving Windsor a large supply of water if an emergency were to occur.  

According to Garry Rossi, Vice President of Water Operations, "We commend all the individuals involved in the renovation process.  The fact that we were able to complete this project in such a timely manner, and despite all the obstacles that we are currently experiencing, really speaks to the hard work and dedication of our teams.”