ENWIN Bucket rides top attraction at Meet-A-Machine!

June 14, 2022 

WINDSOR, ON: On Saturday, June 11th team ENWIN took part in the Meet-A-Machine held at the WFCU Arena.

Meet-A-Machine is an annual community literacy event hosted by City of Windsor Children's Services. Machines of all shapes and sizes, including emergency vehicles, construction equipment, military trucks, buses, forestry trucks, race cars, tow trucks and much more, are on display for children to discover and explore.

Volunteers participated by providing rides to children in one of four ENWIN bucket trucks, which operated non-stop from 9 am to beyond the end of the event at 2 pm.   Families waited in line for over an hour to get a chance to get a bird’s eye view of the city, and no one was disappointed.

From day one ENWIN has been a major contributor to this event participating every year since its inception.  However, this has been the first year the City of Windsor has been able to hold this since the onset of the pandemic.  Prior to COVID-19 the record for attendance was approximately 7,500 individuals. However, initial estimates indicate that this past Saturday drew close to an amazing 14,000 attendees. 

Planning was no simple task but Ray Forget has been the lead coordinator since the beginning of ENWIN’s involvement. 

Accompanying Ray at the event were Brent Roy & his daughter Kate, Herman Persaud, Joe Tonkin, Devin Forget, Mitch Couto, Brett Hodgkin, Ryan McAiney, and Sean O’Rourke.  This team operated the vehicles throughout the day, gave out high fives to enthusiastic young riders, and calmed many parents who may have had a fear of heights. 

In addition, many others assisted in the preparation of the vehicles, from the inspection of the mechanical components to their cleaning.  

Everyone involved with this event should be proud, as their selfless hard work allowed riders to have an enjoyable, memorable, and safe experience.