Customer Dispute Resolution

Do you have an unresolved concern or complaint?  We're here to help. 

STEP 1: Contact Us 

Our aim is to resolve all of your concerns or complaints the first time you contact us. Your first contact should be to our Customer Service Centre at the number listed below. Our representatives are trained and knowledgeable so that they can assist you with your concerns or complaints. 

Comments should be directed to: 

519-255-2727, select option 2, or Please note that this email account is only monitored during business hours from Monday to Friday.  Please do not send email to report emergencies. 

STEP 2: Speak to a Supervisor 

If you feel that your concerns or complaints are not adequately resolved, you have the right to speak to a supervisor. Most of the time you will be able to speak to a supervisor right away, but if our Customer Service Centre is especially busy at the time you call and a supervisor is not immediately available, the supervisor will contact you to address your concerns or complaints within two business days. 

STEP 3: Escalate to Customer Service Management 

If you are still not satisfied after speaking with a supervisor, the supervisor will refer your concerns or complaints to a member of our customer service management team, who is specifically trained and available to handle escalated concerns and complaints. 

10-Day Commitment:  For all concerns or complaints that are escalated to either a supervisor or our customer service management team, we will address them within 10 days of when we first become aware of your concern or complaint. 

Ontario Energy Board 

At any time you have the option to contact our regulator, the Ontario Energy Board. Information about how to file a complaint with the Ontario Energy Board can be found on the Ontario Energy Board's website or by calling the Ontario Energy Board's Customer Relations at: 1-877-632-2727 (toll-free within Ontario) or 416-314-2455. 

Other methods to contact the Ontario Energy Board can be found on their Contact Us webpage