New Subdivision

Developers wishing to service a new subdivision are required to submit (4) drawings of the subdivison detailing the following information:

  1. Single Line Diagram identifying:
    • Location of transformers
    • Location of primary conductor
    • Location of easements
    • Overall key plan
    • Addresses for each property
    • City of Windsor cross sections for each road type
  2. Distribution Map identifying:
    • Secondary service wire
    • Streetlights
    • Streetlight index and notes
  3. Road Crossing Map identifying:
    • Location of road crossings
    • Road crossing trench details
  4. Trenching Map identifying:
    • All required trenches beside road crossings
    • Trenching details
    • Transformer foundation details

Additional pages can be used for specifications if space is limited on the above drawings

  • If the subdivision is part of a larger design then an overall plan should also be provided showing future developments.
  • The following guideline can be used to ensure no detail is missed before submitting for review by ENWIN. Failure to meet all the requirements may result in delays and revisions to the design:

Developers wishing to service a new subdivision should also follow the Subdivision Servicing Guideline below. To request a copy of ENWIN’s specification and construction drawings from Appendix B, C, and D, please send an e-mail to

Subdivision Servicing Guideline - Jul 7 2014