Bringing Comfort to Dialysis Patients

WRH Thanks ENWIN and Essex Powerlines for 2018 EDA Donation

September 19, 2019

Windsor, ON: Patients at Windsor Regional Hospital's Dialysis Unit now receive their treatments in comfort, thanks to funds raised during last year's EDA Western District Charity Golf Tournament, hosted by ENWIN and Essex Powerlines.

The tournament raised enough money to support the purchase of five new renal chairs. Dialysis patients spend many hours each week undergoing treatment and these new chairs ensure all patients receive the same level of comfort.

With the new chairs in place, patients are already noticing an impact on their well-being.

Nate, who was diagnosed with kidney failure at age 22 (pictured right), recieves treatment three times a week, for four hours each time. The new chairs allow him to switch positions easily and the adjustable seat backs relieve discomfort.

The various seat positions also come in handy for practicing different stretching poses while he waits.

As a yoga instructor, he is developing a fitness routine/book for the other patients, so they can practice yoga while recieving treatment.

Dialysis Suite at Windsor Regional Hospital