Bulk Water Filling Station FAQ

What is the cost to fill up?
The bulk water rate is $1.96 per m3. It costs around $27.00 to fill a 3,000 gallon truck.

Where can I fill up?
The stations are located at:

2700 Deziel Drive
Image of Deziel Bulk Water Filling Station

3650 Wyandotte Street East
(Please note: This station will be taken off line on Friday, June 7, 2019 for approximately one week for site improvements prior to system upgrades.)
Image of Wyandotte Bulk Water Filling Station

801 Caron Avenue
Image of Caron Bulk Water Filling Station

4145 Matchette Road
Bulk Water Station at Matchette

How do I operate the station?
You will require a 3" female quick coupling. Insert the purchased access card and follow the instructions.

Who do I call if I have any problems?
Contact our Water Division Central Dispatch at (519) 251-7300 ext. 601