Connecting a Generator

Net Metering - ENWIN Requirements

To encourage conservation, we have established a program for eligible customers wishing to participate in Net Metering. This program is in compliance with Ontario Regulation 541/05 - Net Metering.

Net Metering allows eligible customers with specific generation facilities to reduce their net energy costs by exporting surplus energy back onto the utility distribution system, earning credit against the energy they consume from the distribution system.

You can participate if you have a generator that meets all of the following conditions:

  1. The electricity is generated primarily for your own use.
  2. The electricity generated is conveyed to your own consumption point without reliance on the ENWIN distribution system.
  3. The electricity is solely generated from a renewable energy source, like wind, drop in water elevation, solar radiation, agricultural bio-mass, or any combination of these.

You must install an isolation device satisfying Section 84 of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, located outside, typically near the meter, and agree to give utility staff access to, and operation of this device, as needed, for maintenance and repair of the distribution system.

To participate in the Net Metering program, you will need to meet all parallel generation requirements for Connecting Micro-Generation Facilities (10 kW or less) or Other Generation Facilities (greater than 10 kW and up to 500 kW), based on the generator size. See our Net Metering Requirements Letters below for more information.

Apply by using the following online form:

Hydro One Station & Feeder Capacity Calculator

Use the Hydro One Station & Feeder Capacity Calculator to see if there is capacity to connect a project at a particular Station/Feeder. Follow the instructions at the link below, and feel free to contact us to confirm capacity for a specific location.

Click here to access the Hydro One Station & Feeder Capacity Calculator


Hydro One Technical Interconnection Requirements (TIR)

Hydro One's TIR outlines design requirements for distributed generators.

Click here to access the Hydro One Technical Interconnection Requirements