Today, Thursday April 28th, is the National Day of Mourning in Canada. This day of remembrance, observed by over 100 countries, commemorates workers who have lost their lives due to a work-related tragedy, or suffered injury or illness on the job. Today we have lowered our flags at half mast to honour all those who have suffered at their place of work.

As we vow to prevent further suffering in the workplace, we have promised to make our workers’ health and safety a priority. At ENWIN, we continue to promote effective workplace injury prevention programs. I am proud to say that, thanks to all your efforts and those of our Joint Health and Safety Committee, we have seen a reduction in on-the-job injuries over the last four years. 

I urge you to take the time to learn more about how you can help take action in the workplace and community by promoting health and safety. The following 3 minute video honours Canadians who have lost their lives in the workplace. It also challenges all of us to continue searching for new innovations that will save lives and help create more jobs for future generations.

Please do continue to take a full and meaningful role in our workplace safety efforts; I recognize your commitment to one another’s health and safety and it has been truly appreciated.

Have a wonderful day.

Helga Reidel
The ENWIN Group of Companies