District Energy Windsor Service

District Energy Windsor (DEW) offers a district heating and cooling service (thermal energy) to the Windsor downtown core community. District heating is delivered in the form of hot water (maximum temperature= 117°C), and district cooling is delivered in the form of chilled water (minimum temperature = 2.5°C) from two facilities; the Enwave Plant, and the DEW Plant, to various buildings in the downtown core. The buildings use the thermal energy to provide for their heating, domestic hot water, and air conditioning needs.

RBC Downtown Building

DEW's thermal energy service displaces the need for large natural gas fired boilers and large electrically driven chillers and cooling towers that would normally be needed for heating and cooling buildings. These boilers and chillers are capital intensive for the building owner and have to be completely replaced over time. In addition, the boiler and chiller plants require annual operation and maintenance and have dedicated manpower assigned to them. When a building is connected to the DEW system, all of the large equipment and associated maintenance costs are eliminated.

District heating and cooling services are provided year round and available whenever desired, without seasonal change over from heating to cooling and back again. Building owners and operators experience:

  • lower capital investment in large equipment
  • lower operation and maintenance costs
  • lower risk of environmental concerns
  • increased profitability of building space
  • increased reliability of the heating and cooling system
  • increased flexibility to match HVAC needs to increased building needs
  • increased time to spend concentrating on core business

To find out more about the benefits of the DEW system, please click on the The District Energy Advantage button.