District Energy Windsor

High operating costs, supply disruptions and environmental impact are driving municipalities and property owners to invest in alternative energy technology for the heating and cooling of their buildings. The district energy option is quickly becoming the preferred method for its numerous benefits and advantages.

District energy Windsor

Developed by District Energy Windsor, a division of the Windsor Utilities Commission, to support the City Centre's revitalization initiatives, Windsor's district energy system is one of the first in North America to supply both hot water heating and chilled water cooling service. Designed for optimal efficiency and flexibility with leading district energy partners, users of the system share in reliable, comfortable, low cost energy.

Whether replacing an existing heating and cooling system or designing a new high-efficiency in-building system, owners will experience significant benefits when they connect to district energy.

For further information on the District Energy Windsor system, please contact 519-977-2665 or email districtenergyinfo@enwin.com.