ENWIN 2023 Monthly e-billing Contest Rules

Win a $500.00 Pre-Paid Credit Card

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ENWIN Utilities Limited (“ENWIN”) Win a $500.00 Pre-Paid Credit Card Monthly e-Billing Contest – Eleven (11) Pre-paid credit cards – Official Contest Rules and Regulations –


I. Eligibility:

The Contest is open to all residential rate class customers and small commercial customers with a General Service <50kW rate class who are (i) active and current ENWIN account holders who qualify under the ENWIN Contest eligibility rules, as determined by ENWIN in its sole and absolute discretion, as of the time of entry and date of selection of the winner of the Contest; and (ii) in respect of individuals, at least eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of entry. The contest is not available to residents of Quebec or corporations operating from Quebec.

Employees and representatives of ENWIN and employees and representatives of any person that provided advertising, promotional or other services to ENWIN in connection with the Contest are not eligible to participate in the Contest. If a person is not eligible to participate in the Contest in accordance with this paragraph the ineligibility shall also apply to any member of their household, and any related corporations of such person, and any corporation in respect of which such a person is an officer, director, or shareholder.

All personal and other information requested by and supplied to ENWIN for the purpose of the Contest must be truthful, complete, accurate, and in no way misleading. ENWIN reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any entrant should such entrant at any point provide untruthful, incomplete, inaccurate, or misleading information.

ENWIN has the right to verify the eligibility of each entrant at any time. An entrant that cannot verify eligibility may be disqualified.

II. How to Enter:

The Contest period begins at 7:00 am .EST on February 1, 2023 and closes at 4:30pm .EST on December 31, 2023.

In order to enter the Contest for a chance to win one (1) of eleven (11) prizes, all persons must either:

(i) Be eligible persons and have an active ENWIN account registered for eBilling by the end of each calendar month throughout the Contest period, in which case they will automatically receive one (1) entry from ENWIN and be deemed to have entered the contest. Eligible persons will receive (1) entry per ENWIN account registered with eBilling.


(ii) Eligible persons wishing to enter this Contest without making a purchase or registering for eBills may compose and send a 1,500 word essay on “The Benefits of eBilling and How it Helps in Reducing Our Local Carbon Footprint” to ENWIN Utilities Ltd., 4545 Rhodes Dr, Windsor, ON N8W 5T1, which must be received by ENWIN by no later than 11:59 PM (EST) January 12, 2023 to qualify for the Contest. Each entry must contain the entrant's name, address, telephone number with area code, and 10-digit ENWIN customer account number. ENWIN will not accept entries by fax, courier, email, personal delivery, or by any method other than as noted above. Limit one (1) entry per customer.

By participating in the contest by submitting an essay, entrants represent and warrant that they have all necessary right, title and interest in and to the contents of their essay, the essay has not been previously published, does not infringe on the intellectual property rights of a third party, and does not defame or invade the publicity or privacy rights of any third party. Entrants agree to indemnify and hold ENWIN harmless from any claims to the contrary. Entrants acknowledge that their entry may be posted by ENWIN on its website or otherwise in its marketing, on social media or in any other medium, in EWIN’s sole discretion, but without obligation. Entrants have the right and authority to, and do hereby grant to ENWIN, an irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free worldwide license in perpetuity to reproduce, store, copy, broadcast, display, distribute, edit, alter, combine with other material, publish, post, commercialize and/or otherwise use without limitation all or any part of the entry in ENWIN’s promotional materials and communications, and you waive any and all moral rights that you may have in and to the entry with respect to the uses contemplated herein, and you agree to release and hold harmless ENWIN from and against any and all claims based on publicity rights, defamation, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, trade-mark infringement or any other intellectual property related cause of action that relates in any way to ENWIN’s use of the entry.

No entry fee is required to enter the Contest.

III. Collection and Use of Information:

The information collected through online entry in this Contest consists of the following (“Customer Information”):

  • First Name;
  • Last Name;
  • Contact Phone Number;
  • Contact E-mail Address;
  • Contact Rate Class;
  • Contact Service Postal Code [first 3 digits]; and
  • Such other information provided by the entrant to ENWIN in connection with the Contest.

Entrants to the Contest consent to the use of their Customer Information collected by ENWIN for the administration of the Contest, and on a limited basis, for publication on the ENWIN website or Twitter account in the event you are selected as a winner. Entrants also consent to the disclosure of the Customer Information to third party service providers of ENWIN for this purpose. ENWIN will use the Customer Information only for this purpose and for no other purpose whatsoever. Following the Contest Period, the name of the winner(s) may be posted on ENWIN’s website, and/or Twitter account. ENWIN will protect the Customer Information in a manner consistent with applicable laws and ENWIN’s Privacy Policy. ENWIN’s Privacy Policy is available at: https://enwin.com/privacy-policy/.

IV. Prize:

The prize is one (1) valid pre-paid credit card valued at Five Hundred Canadian Dollars ($500.00) (the “Prize”). There are eleven (11) Prizes in total. If the winner does not comply with any of the terms of the Contest Rules and Regulations, the winner forfeits the prize. A determination of non-compliance is at the sole discretion of ENWIN. In such case, ENWIN reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion whether to select an alternate winner, or no winner at all.

V. Chances of Winning:

The odds of winning are dependent upon and determined by the number of eligible entrants. The odds of winning shall be “1 out of x”, where “x” is equal to the number of eligible entrants on the last day of each calendar month stipulated by the Contest period. Enrolling and un-enrolling in eBills will not result in any additional chances to win.

VI. The Drawing:

One (1) entrant will be drawn from all eligible Contest entrants within fourteen (14) days of the last day of each calendar month stipulated by the Contest period, by ENWIN, by such method as may be determined by ENWIN.

The selected entrant will be contacted by telephone within fourteen (14) days after the draw. Selected entrants may only win one (1) Prize. Once a selected entrant is declared a winner, that selected entrant will not be eligible for any subsequent Prize.

Arrangements will then be made to give the selected entrant a skill testing question by telephone. The skill testing question will consist of a multi-step arithmetic equation. Upon successfully answering the skill testing question, the selected entrant will become the winner of the Contest. Should the selected entrant not correctly answer the skill testing question, a second skill testing question of the same sort will be provided. Upon successfully answering the second skill testing question, the selected entrant will become the winner of the Contest. Should the selected entrant again prove unable to answer the skill testing question, that entrant will not win the Contest.

If the selected entrant cannot be contacted within 14 days, does not meet all of the Contest conditions, or fails to correctly answer the skill testing question, (s)he forfeits any rights to the Prize. Another entrant may be randomly selected from the remaining eligible entries. In such case, ENWIN reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to decide whether to select an alternate winner, or no winner at all. ENWIN is not responsible for the failure for any reason, whatsoever, of a selected entrant to receive notification or for ENWIN to receive a selected entrant’s response.

The winner of the Contest will then be required to sign the Declaration and Release Form confirming compliance with the Contest Rules and Regulations, acceptance of the Prize, as awarded, and authorizing the release of his/her name and photograph for advertising and promotional purposes relating to this Contest.

The decision of ENWIN regarding the winning ballot, success on the skill testing question, and the eligibility of the winner is final and binding.

VII. Limitations:

ENWIN is in no way responsible for ensuring that the winner complies with the Contest Rules and Regulations.

ENWIN reserves the right to suspend, cancel or modify the contest at any time.

If, as a result of an error relating to the entry process, drawing or any other aspect of the contest, there are more potential winners of Prizes than contemplated in these rules, there will be a random draw amongst all eligible Prize claimants after the Contest closing date to award the correct number of prizes.

ENWIN is not responsible for any entries lost, late, misdirected, containing inaccurate information or delayed for any reason. By accepting the Prize, the winner agrees to all disclaimers stated as part of the Contest. The winner, by acceptance of the Prize agrees to release ENWIN, its affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotional agencies, and service providers from any and all liability claims or actions of any kind whatsoever. ENWIN will have no further obligation to the Prize winners other than the Prize awarded. Prizes are not transferable and cannot be exchanged, substituted or redeemed for cash, except that ENWIN may, in its sole discretion, substitute a Prize for another prize or prizes of equal or greater value.

By entering the Contest, entrants agree: (i) that any and all disputes, claims and causes of action arising out of or connected with the Contest or any Prize award shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario, and (ii) to irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Province of Ontario over any claim or matter arising under or in connection with the Contest.

VIII. Sponsor:

The Contest is sponsored by ENWIN Utilities Ltd., 4545 Rhodes Drive, P.O. Box 1625, Station A, Windsor, Ontario, N8W 5T1.

IX. Liability:

ENWIN shall not be held responsible for any problems, errors or negligence that may arise or occur in connection with the Contest. ENWIN accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or claims caused by or resulting from the Contest or acceptance of a Prize. ENWIN will not be responsible for late, lost, undeliverable, illegible, incomplete, falsified, tampered with, altered or destroyed entries for any reason and all such entries will be void. In the event it is determined that an entrant has entered in a fashion not sanctioned by the Contest Rules and Regulations and/or has submitted more than the number of entries permitted by these rules, the entrant will be disqualified and all of the entries submitted by the entrant will be void. ENWIN is not responsible for any typographical, human or other error in the printing of the Contest and/or collateral advertising materials, administration of the Contest, processing of the entries or in the announcement of the Prize winners or in any other materials or information associated with the Contest. ENWIN will not be liable, and does not assume any responsibility, for incorrect or inaccurate capture of entry information, technical malfunctions, human or technical error, printing errors, lost, delayed or garbled data or transmissions, omission, interruption, deletion, defect or failures of any telephone or computer lines or networks, computer equipment, software or any combination thereof.

ENWIN is not responsible for electronic transmission errors resulting in omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operations or transmission, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to or alterations of entry materials, or for technical, network, telephone equipment, electronic, computer, hardware or software malfunctions or limitations of any kind, or inaccurate transmissions of or failure to receive information by ENWIN on account of technical problems, or on account of traffic congestion on the Internet or at any website or any combination thereof.

ENWIN reserves the right to terminate, suspend, or extend the Contest or to amend the Contest Rules and Regulations at any time and in any way, without prior notice.

IX. Release:

By participating in the Contest or accepting a Prize, entrants agree to release and indemnify ENWIN and any of its parents, affiliates, agents and contractors, including advertising and promotional agencies, and their directors, officers and employees, from any and all losses, expenses (including legal fees and disbursements), damages, and claims of any kind in connection with the Contest or resulting from the acceptance, use, or misuse of the Prize. By entering this Contest or accepting a Prize, each entrant further acknowledges and agrees that as a condition of winning, ENWIN and its affiliates have the right to use and publicize the winners’ names as well photographs of the winners, which may include publicizing such information on ENWIN’s website, and/or Twitter account, and that he/she has won a specific prize for publicity purposes, without remuneration or liability, except where prohibited by law, and agrees to sign a release acknowledging such rights.

By entering this Contest, each entrant further acknowledges and agrees that as a condition of entering that all entries and submissions become the sole property of ENWIN and its affiliates and ENWIN has the right to use as desired without remuneration or liability.

By entering this Contest or accepting a Prize, all entrants consent and agree to and must accept their prize in person by participating in an in-person public relations event with ENWIN officials at a time and location in Windsor determined by ENWIN but otherwise held in accordance with public health protocols.