Residential Rates


Setting Rates

In Ontario, electricity rates are set by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), and include rates for the electricity commodity (generation), transmission through high voltage systems across the province (e.g. Hydro One), and distribution through local systems (e.g. ENWIN). The OEB must ensure that all rates are justified and reasonable. ENWIN is required to prove to the OEB that its rates are justified and reasonable through a rate application process. The current justified and reasonable rates are listed below. More information on rates is available at the OEB website:

Electricity Delivery Rates

The following rates are current as of November 1, 2018.


Transmission Delivery Charges

Network Service $0.0078/kWh
Connection Service $0.0057/kWh

ENWIN Delivery Charges

Fixed Customer Charge* $22.62
Variable Distribution Rate $0.0053/kWh
Net Rate Riders - Volumetric $0.0002/kWh
Net Rate Riders - Fixed Monthly $1.50

* Charge is prorated depending on number of days in the billing period.

Note: Non-RPP, non-WMP will also have the Rate Rider for Global Adjustment Account Disposition (2017)

Regulated Price Plan (RPP) Consumers

The RPP applies if you meet the program’s legislative criteria (residential/low-volume consumer). A regulated price per kWh is charged for electricity used.

Off-Peak (lowest demand) $0.065/kWh
Mid-Peak (moderate demand) $0.094/kWh
On-Peak (highest demand) $0.132/kWh

Non-Regulated Price Plan Consumers

The electricity price you pay per kWh is a retailer contract price, based on your choice of electricity provider.

Regulatory Charges

Wholesale Market Service Charge/kWh $0.0036
Rural Rate Protection Charge/kWh $0.0003
Regulated Price Plan (RPP) Admin. Charge* $0.25

*Applies to customers not contracted with an energy retailer

Debt Retirement Charge

The Debt Retirement Charge was removed for residential consumption after Dec. 31, 2015.

Total Loss Factor Adjustment

As electricity is delivered over a power line, a small amount of power is consumed or lost as heat. This is called line loss. It is caused by wires and transformers that consume power before it gets to your home or business. The loss factor adjustment accounts for these losses.

Secondary metered customers <5,000 kW 1.0377
Primary metered customers <5,000 kW 1.0273
Customers >5,000 kW Available Upon Request

Late Payment Charge

A Late Payment Charge of 1.5% will be applied to the unpaid portion of your account's monthly balance.

Transformer Ownership Credit

Service < 115 kV (per kW of billing demand) $0.60

Common Miscellaneous Charges (plus applicable taxes)

Arrears Certificate $15.00
Pulling Post-Dated Cheques $15.00
Account History $15.00
Credit Reference/Credit Check $15.00
Returned Cheque Charge (not inclusive of bank fees) $15.00
Account Set-up/Change of Occupancy Charge $30.00
Special Meter Reads $30.00
Collection of Account Charge — No Disconnection $30.00
Disconnect/Reconnect at Meter $65.00
Disconnect/Reconnect at Meter After Hours $185.00
Meter Dispute Charge + Measurement Canada Fees (if meter found to be correct) $30.00
Dispute Test Residential $50.00
Service Call — Customer-owned Equipment $30.00
Missed Service Appointment $65.00