ENnovation Encore

Published Date
Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Class In Session for Second Cohort of ENWIN Innovators

May 28, 2019

Windsor ON: A collective buzz of energy and anticipation could almost be mistaken for the morning school bell as a select group of ENWIN employees began a day of learning, collaboration and reflection, as part of ENWIN's ENnovation Catalyst. Friday's session marked the launch of the second class of Catalysts, made up of ENWIN staff from across the company.

The informative and educational day centered around harnessing the Catalyst's creative thinking, problem identification and solution development.

The growing number of Catalyst Leads is a testament to the success of the program. Laura Johnston and Justin Pulleyblank, both graduates of the initial program, joined as leaders, along with Rosana Kemsley, Barry Leavitt, Dragan Savic and WEtech's Director of Business Innovation, Adam Frye.


ENWIN's newest Catalysts were fueled by the knowledge that ENWIN's executive team had praised and promoted the innovations presented during the first cycle.

Some of the Catalysts were inspired to become more involved after taking part in ENnovation Day in the fall of 2018. At that event, staff members heard directly from the Catalysts who presented their ideas and invited feedback to refine their innovations and identify potential roadblocks and challenges.



ENWIN applauds staff members who've accepted the challenge to become ENnovation Catalysts: Jean Brun, Brett Chaborek, Matt Dagenais, Kyle Emery, Christopher Jaworski, Amy Lesperance, Anthony Maria, Steven McWilliam, Jean Pepin, Jeff Scott, Alison Sorrell, Charlene Spadotto, Kirsten Stone, Catherine Tan, Alison von Bodenhausen and Alex Wachna.

The Catalyst event was once again hosted by WEtech Alliance within the EPICentre at the University of Windsor.