ENWIN Announces Help to Water Customers Impacted by COVID-19

March 17, 2020

Windsor, ON: ENWIN Utilities Ltd. (ENWIN) announced this morning that the company is offering relief to residential water customers whose accounts are in arrears. Starting today, the utility will cease to disconnect residential services for non-payment, and begin the process of reconnecting those services that have been recently disconnected.

ENWIN says the measure – to be implemented until further notice – is intended to assist those who may be isolated at homes due to the COVID-19 virus, and is a reminder to the entire community that the water ENWIN supplies on behalf of Windsor Utilities Commission is safe and reliable to drink.

“Water is essential to life,” said ENWIN’s Director of Customer Service, Robert Spagnuolo. “We care about all our customers and we know that running water for hand-washing is critical to slowing the spread of the COVID-19. We hope this measure helps a few individuals to thrive during this very difficult time.”

Customers should be aware that the moratorium on water disconnection for non-payment is a temporary measure, and that customers will be expected to settle outstanding accounts once the crisis has passed.

“We know we must hold all customers equally accountable for the cost of the water they use, but we hope this period without disconnections can provide some measure of temporary relief to those customers who have the greatest need,” he said.

ENWIN will continue to issue late notices to customers who fall behind in their obligations, but will stop sending disconnection notices, making 48-hour disconnect calls or disconnecting customers.

“The safety and well-being of our customers and employees is always our top priority,” Spagnuolo concluded. “By working together, we can help the community, our business and our employees stay strong, as we move towards containment of Coronavirus COVID-19.” 

A communications plan is in place to ensure that employees, stakeholders and the public will be updated about any developments and actions taken to address them. ENWIN will share information with the public through media releases, website postings and social media (Twitter).