ENWIN Building Sale Moves Forward

Offers Utility Efficiencies, Tech Growth in Downtown

March 29, 2019

Windsor ON: ENWIN Utilities Ltd. (ENWIN) has taken a step forward in its plan to ensure the best possible service to its customers at the lowest possible rates, with the announcement today of the sale of its property at 787 Ouellette Avenue to Tessonics Inc.

Over the past few years, ENWIN has focussed on keeping costs low and service high, by combining the efforts of its water and electricity divisions, eliminating redundancy and modernizing operating systems. In doing so, the utility has found the 40,000 square-foot building on Ouellette Avenue too large for its current needs.

“With fewer than 100 employees now at the Ouellette Avenue office building,” said Helga Reidel, President & CEO of ENWIN, “large parts of the building are underutilized, and the costs of maintaining unneeded office space simply could not be justified over the long term.”

“One of our chief concerns,” she continued, “was to find the right buyer, with the right fit for our downtown. We are delighted to have found that fit with Tessonics Inc., a locally based, international technology company that is well positioned to help Windsor diversify and prosper.”

Dr. Roman Maev, President and CEO of Tessonics Inc. agreed.

“During last five to six years,” he explained, “Tessonics has paid special attention to innovation activities and R&D development. We are increasingly involved in international high-tech collaboration projects with partners that include firms from the USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, China, South Korea, New Zealand and Japan.”

“This great building, with its rich history and downtown location, is very important for us,” added Joe Udzbinac, Chief Operating Officer of Tessonics. “The opportunity to continue to grow our infrastructure and to stay in the heart of Windsor, is essential to maintaining our international status, and the continuous stream of visitors coming from the USA and abroad.”

As Tessonics continues to grow its R&D sector, it is adding young talented specialists from local educational institutions like the University of Windsor, St. Clair College, and other global institutions, resulting in an impressive, multicultural, highly professional team. It has also made two significant investments in local Windsor start-up companies: True Phantom Solutions Inc., which is internationally recognized and a self-sufficient company, and ONtech Rapid Coatings Inc., in partnership with ENWIN Energy Ltd.

Udzbinac says the size and infrastructure of the Ouellette Avenue building will allow Tessonics to house additional personnel for new projects and continue its growth well into the future.

So, in the end, the move is good for Tessonics, ENWIN and Windsor’s downtown: For ENWIN, consolidating all operations and offices under one roof means greater efficiency and makes good business sense; for Tessonics, acquiring the property is an opportunity to realize its full potential for expansion and growth; for downtown Windsor, the move means retaining an internationally recognized company that provides leading edge products, services and technologies for industrial and biomedical applications, as part of a growing technology hub in the city’s core.

“Overall, this is the best possible outcome,” said Reidel. “We are excited about continuing to find ways to provide better service and reduce costs, and Tessonics is excited about expanding its business in our downtown.”

The preparation of the Rhodes Drive location and relocation of ENWIN employees is expected to take some time to complete. The company expects the move will not happen before 2020, assuming timely completion of all stages.

“We are taking this one step at a time,” said Reidel. “Now that we have secured the right buyer, we will begin the process of planning for the relocation to Rhodes Drive.”