ENWIN Engages Customers in Fight to Limit COVID-19 Spread

March 16, 2020

Windsor, ON: ENWIN Utilities Ltd. (ENWIN) is appealing to customers to help the utility in its efforts to limit the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19.

ENWIN says there have been no identified cases of COVID-19 at any of the company’s plants or offices, and the company has adopted social distancing and other internal safe practices, to protect both employees and services. The utility is now appealing to customers for support, by employing safe business practices in relation to their accounts with ENWIN. 

“The safety of our employees and our customers is top of mind as we work together towards containment of Coronavirus COVID-19,” said ENWIN CEO Helga Reidel. “As we work towards social distancing and other measures within our company, we have also identified some external practices that – with help from our customers – can help to keep us all safe.”

Out of an abundance of caution, ENWIN is recommending the following priorities for electricity and water customers:

  • Cancel all casual visits to the ENWIN workplace and enter the office only in emergency situations, where an alternative action, such as phoning, is not possible;
  • Explore alternative ways of paying the bill, such as telephone and internet payment, cheque by mail, credit card payment by phone, pre-authorized payments or online banking through your financial institution;
  • Consider signing up for myENWIN. Paper bills come into contact with many hands on the way to your home – eliminating this risk could also help curtail the local spread of the virus;
  • Should ENWIN employees need to visit your home, be sure to practice social distancing and declare any health risks, such as self-isolation due to illness, that may exist in the home, before the employee enters the premises.

“We have examined every aspect of our business through the lens of how this virus might be spread, and ensured that all necessary parties understand their roles and responsibilities,” said Reidel. “We are grateful to customers who support us in these necessary measures to protect community and maintain our levels of service.”

A communications plan is in place to ensure that employees, stakeholders and the public will be updated about any developments and actions taken to address them. ENWIN will share information with the public through media releases, website postings and social media (Twitter).