ENWIN Implements Front Door Precautions at Ouellette

March 18, 2020

Windsor, ON: ENWIN Utilities Ltd. (ENWIN) announced today that a review of its pandemic contingency plan indicates additional precautions to preserve the health and welfare of staff and customers. The company says it is not aware of any employees affected by this virus, and there is no impact to water quality or electricity delivery.

In an effort to maintain that status, ENWIN is asking the public to refrain from visiting the business office at 787 Ouellette Avenue. The ENWIN Customer Call Centre will continue to serve customers, as usual during business hours, with the exception of personal visits to the office, which have been curtailed for the duration of the high-risk pandemic period. The office doors will be closed to the public.

“With the elimination of disconnections for water and hydro announced yesterday, the company expects to see an overall reduction in requests to visit the office,” explained Customer Service Director Robert Spagnuolo. “This reduced foot traffic gives us an opportunity to put further protection in place for both the staff and the public, by conducting our business with customers over the phone, by email or through myENWIN on the ENWIN website.”

Customers are reminded that there are many alternative ways to pay bills, and track billing account information, including e-billing (available through myENWIN — customers can sign up at my.enwin.com or through links at www.enwin.com). Other payment methods include mail, online banking, and payment through your financial institution. 

“The measures we are putting in place as directed by public health officials are intended to protect both ENWIN employees and the public,” said Spagnuolo. “We hope our customers will work with us to help us maintain a healthy, productive workplace, as we face the impacts of this virus.” 

A communications plan is in place to ensure that employees, stakeholders and the public will be updated about any developments and actions taken to address them. ENWIN will continue to share information with the public through media releases, website postings and social media (Twitter), as events unfold.