ENWIN Increases Locate Validity Period to 60 Days

Friday, Jun. 9, 2017

Beginning on Monday, June 12, 2017, infrastructure locates for projects within ENWIN's service territory will remain valid for a total of 60 days from the date of issue, an increase of 30 days over the previous locate validity period. This will provide customers with an additional 30 days during which to complete work before their water, electrical and streetlight infrastructure locates expire.   

Arranging to have underground utilities located before you dig is required by law.  ENWIN encourages all customers to dig safely, by contacting Ontario One Call before they dig or excavate. 

To request a free locate, contact Ontario One Call:

Please call at least five working days prior to digging, to schedule this service. During the busy spring season, additional notice may be required. 

ENWIN Utilities Ltd. is a member of Ontario One Call, which is the organization responsible for the intake of all locate requests in Ontario.  Ontario One Call contacts all applicable utility companies to provide locates to the requestor.