ENWIN Services Unaffected by Coronavirus COVID-19

March 13, 2020

Windsor, ON: ENWIN Utilities Ltd. (ENWIN) announced today that it is prepared for any local impact from Coronavirus COVID-19. The company says it is not aware of any employees affected by this virus, and there is no impact to water quality or electricity delivery. Pandemic Contingency plans are being continuously reviewed to maintain business and services to the highest possible level. 

“The safety of our employees and our customers is top of mind as we monitor developments related to the coronavirus outbreak," said ENWIN CEO Helga Reidel. “We are watching and assessing the situation, and we are reviewing our strategy to protect our workforce, ensure continued productivity and work through whatever this virus may bring.” 

ENWIN’s VP Water Operations, Garry Rossi, assured the public that COVID-19 poses is no danger to the water supply.

“Our water remains safe for customers to drink,” he said. “The Water Research Foundation has provided reassurance that our standard treatment methods ensure there is no COVID-19 in our water. Our water treatment methods have been tested to the highest possible standards.”

“We have the tools, technology, capacity and security measures in place, and we are planning a range of work arrangements, should they prove necessary,” Reidel added. "Our pandemic contingency plan is ready and we continue to evaluate it for necessary updates to support the health and safety needs of our employees, as well as the electricity and water requirements of our customers.” 

ENWIN is asking customers to limit the potential for spreading the virus by visiting the office only when absolutely necessary, and reminds customers that there are many alternative methods of obtaining information including, phone calls, myENWIN, email, and the many payment options available to customers on enwin.com. Signage with further restrictions is in place at the company’s workplaces.

A communications plan is in place to ensure that employees, stakeholders and the public will be updated about any developments and actions taken to address them. ENWIN will continue to share information with the public through media releases, website postings and social media (Twitter), as events unfold.