ENWIN Team Plans for the Future

Workplace Move to Offer Efficiency Under One Roof

November 9, 2018

Windsor, ON: ENWIN Utilities Ltd. (ENWIN) is once again exploring efficiency measures to ensure the best possible service to its customers at the lowest possible rates.

“We want do everything in our power to keep costs low and service high,” said Helga Reidel, President & CEO of ENWIN. “Over the past few years, we have managed this by combining the efforts of our water and electricity divisions, eliminating redundancy and modernizing our operating systems.”

Now the company is exploring the option of housing employees from its two locations — the Ouellette Avenue office and the Rhodes Drive facility — under one roof. The utility’s management team estimates that a single location would provide a significant reduction in overhead, maintenance and repair bills. By reducing the physical distance between its employees, ENWIN also hopes to close any remaining efficiency gaps and keep costs low while improving service.

“Although our portion of the bill has always been the smaller portion of the overall electricity bill, we must continue to strive for local efficiencies. This starts with the realization that we work best — and most cost-effectively — when we work together,” said Reidel.

The idea under consideration involves renovations within the existing footprint at the Rhodes Drive Operations Centre to accommodate most of ENWIN’s employees under one roof. The remaining handful of employees are needed daily, on-site at the Wyandotte water plant.

“There are currently fewer than 100 employees at the Ouellette Avenue office building,” said Reidel. “With more than 40,000 square feet of office space, there are large parts of the building that are underutilized. The costs of maintaining unneeded office space cannot be justified over the long term.”

So, ENWIN is actively assessing the potential costs and benefits associated with a renovation that would accommodate the Ouellette office staff at the Rhodes location.

Site consolidation is not a new idea for ENWIN. In fact, the Rhodes Drive facility was originally designed to accommodate all staff under one roof.

"We are excited about continuing to build ENWIN for the future, and are always looking for ways to provide better service while reducing costs,” said Reidel. “But we are also very much aware of the needs of our downtown customers.”

To that end, ENWIN’s management team is exploring measures to ensure a customer service kiosk of some kind remains available in the downtown area.

“We hope a suitable buyer can be found, with a great plan for repurposing this building,” concluded Reidel.

With the City’s Downtown Community Improvement Plan offering grant funding for fac╠žade and other improvements, and the current streetscape project underway on this part of Ouellette Avenue, there is every reason to believe ENWIN could attract a buyer who wants to help develop and cultivate a downtown that is both historic and current.