ENWIN Updates its Conditions of Service

Customers Invited to Review and Comment

July 7, 2018

As a licensed distributor of electricity, ENWIN is required to have a document known as Conditions of Service. Through this document, the company communicates with customers about the operating practices, connection policies and types and levels of service available within ENWIN’s service territory.

ENWIN has updated its Conditions of Service and is inviting public comment on the revised draft. The local distribution company proposes to implement its new Conditions of Service on September 1, 2018. The proposed document can be found here.  Customers have been able to review the Conditions of Service since July 13. It will remain available until August 15, 2018.

ENWIN’s Conditions of Service are based on the content of the Conditions of Service template presented in Appendix A of the Ontario Energy Board's Distribution System Code. Comments about this document can be emailed to: regulatory@enwin.com and you can also call (519) 255-2727 to provide your comments.

ENWIN will file a summary of public comments received from customers with the Ontario Energy Board.