Help for Windsor's Homeless

Jean Thursdays raise funds for Street Help

December 20, 2018

Windsor, ON: It's said that while Santa takes most of the credit, the Elves are most responsible for holiday magic.  The giving staff members of the Customer Service Centre, or as they are otherwise known - The CSC Elf Committee,  couldn't agree more!  They've once again contributed to happier holidays for those in need.  

Through $2 Jean Thursday's, a bake sale and other fundraising, The CSC Elf Committee has raised $1,455, resulting in a cash donation of $1,000 and a toy donation worth $455, to Street Help, a homeless centre located on Wyandotte Street in Windsor.  As a Grassroots Fundraising Initiative promoted by Head Elf Laura Johnston, ENWIN will match the campaign target total of $1,000 for a grand total donation of $2,455!

Elf Committee Group Photo

"Homelessness is a very real problem in Windsor," remarked Laura. "Street Help has come very close to closing their doors this year, at a time when more people than ever rely on the organization.  I'm thankful that so many staff members contributed and we've been able to donate a significant amount to them."

Gifts gathered for Street Help Photo

ENWIN employees make a difference in our community each and every day by delivering safe and reliable electricity and water to our customers.  What our community may not know, however, is the extent to which these ENWIN Superheroes go to support causes throughout Windsor and neighbouring communities.

This year alone, ENWIN staff members raised $5,881!  ENWIN was proud to support these efforts through a Community Support Program which matched the campaign target total of these grassroots fundraising efforts, bringing the donation total to $10,387!   Along with Street Help, these funds benefitted Ronald McDonald House Windsor, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Kids First Food Bank at Windsor Homes Coalition, Canadian Cancer Society and Habitat for Humanity.

"Windsor-Essex is known for being a truly generous community, and that's reflected in the efforts put forward by our ENWIN Superheroes," remarked ENWIN President & CEO Helga Reidel.  "I'm so proud of our employees for not only bringing these initiatives forward, but for supporting them so wholeheartedly.  It feels great to know that we've contributed to organizations in our community that need it the most."