Hoisting Habitat in Ford City

Build Event Constructs Vital Component of Accessible Home

May 10, 2019

Windsor, ON: There are few activities which actually benefit from a string of rainy days... but digging post holes in softened mud is one of them! ENWIN Superheroes arrived to the Build #65 job site and learned they would be constructing the foundation of the rear deck, and set it to it with shovels in hand.

Habitat Montage 1

Construction is nearly complete for the home destined for the Warsama family, selected by Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex.  Their current residence is not accessible, and does not meet the needs of their daughter who has severe disabilities.

ENWIN Superheroes set deck posts, installed the roof fascia and painted trim, joining together on a Saturday to support the fundraising campaign and build date promoted by Aislinn Liolli.  In addition to donating their time (and energy!), $1,000 was raised as part of an ENWIN Grassroots Fundraising campaign, which will be matched by ENWIN for a total donation of $2,000 to Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex.

Habitat Montage 2

"Every dollar that is donated by these team sponsorships goes directly into the home" said Hope Lovell, Community Outreach Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex. "We have an affordable housing crisis in Windsor-Essex, and the support we've received from across the community towards this and other builds is truly remarkable."

"The ENWIN team built a dream today," said Aislinn. "This home will literally change their lives and help them out immensely."

A special thank you to those who donated and were part of the build team: Aislinn Liolli, Brett Chaborek, Katie Chaborek, Jackie Dent, Marianne Dent, Steven Du, Mona Khalil, Suzanne Leonard, Zachary Meloche, Paulina Pacheco, Grant Pennington, Kirsten Stone, Devonte Turner, Stacey Woods and Stephanie Wrixon.