Community Lead Sampling

Information Bulletin

Amendments made by the Ministry of Environment, Parks & Conservation (MECP) to O'Reg. 170/03 under the Safe Drinkjing Water Act, call for the implementation of an extended lead-testing program, designed to safeguard the quality of Ontario's drinking water.  Under the terms of O.Reg 170/03, "the owner of the drinking water system" is responsible for undertaking community wide testing in order to:

  • Identify lead levels that do not meet the regulated level set by the Ministry
  • Implement corrosion control in order to reduce lead levels measured in residential plumbing
  • Monitor the success of initiatives launch to reduce the concentration of lead

Community Lead Sampling
The program consists of:

  • Collecting samples from inside plumbing (at minimum 100 single family dwellings and 10 non-residents)
  • Collecting samples in the distribution system, in close proximity to the samples collected at family dwellings and non-residences (at a minimum of 20 samples)

Windsor Utilities Commission is seeking candidates that are:

  • In areas with proposed watermain replacements
  • Identified as possibly having lead service pipes due to elevated lead sample results, and
  • Residents that have been monitored in the last two (2) rounds

Proposed Target Areas
Other locations tested previously.  Residents within the proposed target areas will receive a participation letter.

  • Testing is voluntary
  • There is no cost to the customer / volunteer
  • All information is confidential
  • All sample collectors are certified operators through our operating authority, ENWIN Utilities Ltd.

Sampling Process
An ENWIN Utilities Ltd. staff member will arrange to visit your residence and collect two (2) water samples from your kitchen tap.  These samples will then be sent to an accredited lab for lead analysis.  The results will be shared with you, the MECP and the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit.

Sampling Time Frame
Sampling would occur August 6 to August 31, 2019.

For further information regarding regulations, testing procedures or sampling program, contact:
Monica Reid, Compliance Coordinator at (519) 251-7300, ext. 341

For further information on the Safe Drinking Water Act, click here.