History of District Energy Windsor

In 1995, the Windsor Utilities Commission (WUC) studied the benefits that a district energy (DE) system would bring to the City in terms of the environment and promoting development by offering a highly efficient heating and cooling energy source for developers.

The results of the feasibility study conducted by Natural Resources Canada showed the market in Windsor to be very favourable for a district heating and cooling system, especially with the proposed Casino project as the anchor district energy customer.

An agreement was struck with Northwind Windsor (NWW) to build and own the central heating and cooling district energy plant and supply all of its thermal energy to District Energy Windsor (DEW), a division of WUC. NWW has been supplying DEW with hot water, chilled water and steam services for distribution in the district energy system since 1996.

The first customers to connect to the DEW system and enjoy low cost heating and cooling, and contribute to the City's initiatives in reducing CO2 emissions are listed below:

Casino Windsor (now Caesars Windsor)

September 1997

Windsor Justice Facility

January 1999

245 Ouellette Ave. (Royal Bank Centre)

January 2000

The Art Gallery of Windsor

October 2000

In the spring of 2000, a peaking chiller plant was constructed on the western side of the downtown core to help augment the chilled water capacity of the Northwind plant, in anticipation of the future plans for development in that area. This chiller plant is owned and operated by District Energy Windsor and WUC.

In 2003, Northwind Windsor (NWW) sold the central district energy plant to BPC District Energy Inc. (BPC).

Since 2005, the following customers have been connected to the district energy system:

400 City Hall Square

September 2005

250 Windsor Avenue

November 2005

Windsor International Transit Terminal

May 2007

All Saints' Church

December 2011

Family Aquatic Complex

October 2013

In 2013, DEW converted its temporary chilled water peaking plant into a permanent facility on the Family Aquatic Complex campus.