Powerful Partnership Quadruples Community Help: ENWIN Partners with EDA to Raise and Match Funds

October 27, 2017

“A small fundraising effort by a group of caring ENWIN employees and industry professionals has doubled – twice – through powerful partnerships between the utilities, the EDA, a local philanthropist and The Downtown Mission. Proof, yet again, that we are most powerful when we work together!” Helga Reidel, President & CEO, ENWIN

Windsor ON: On October 4 and 5, ENWIN’s metering department partnered with the Electricity Distributors’ Association (EDA) to host the Niagara Grand and Western District Metering Exhibition and Workshop and change some lives in Windsor. The workshop served a need for utilities in southern Ontario to share information, expertise, innovation and technology related to electricity metering. But it also provided an excellent opportunity for community support.

During the opening ceremony, ENWIN CEO, Helga Reidel, addressed the importance of partnerships like the metering workshop, that provide opportunities for utilities to continue to provide a high level of service for their customers, even as the sector grows and changes.

Ray Tracey, CEO of Essex Powerlines, and EDA Western District Executive Chair agreed, saying that the future will be dictated by innovation, and how we share in that innovation. He spoke in very positive terms about the ongoing partnerships between ENWIN, Essex Powerlines and the EDA, noting that the Western District and Niagara Grand event illustrates a strong and powerful alliance.

As if to reinforce these thoughts, ENWIN’s Supervisor, Hydro Metering, Mark Pearce, who is also the Chair of the EDA Niagara Grand and Western Districts, announced that $5 from each registration for the event had been put aside for The Downtown Mission in a joint effort to support those in need in our city.

“In partnership with the EDA and all of you, we have collected $900 for the mission from registrations for this two-day event,” he told event attendees. “That represents a powerful gift to those most in need in our community.”

Recognizing that the Downtown Mission was simultaneously running a Matching Gift Campaign throughout October, and trying to reach a goal of $1 million put forward by local philanthropist Al Quesnel, ENWIN matched the $900 registration fundraising amount, raising the total donation to $1,800. That amount will be matched by Quesnel, at the end of the month, as will all donations to the mission during October, up to $1 million.

"We are proud to support our employees who helped to raise money for the Downtown Mission through this industry event,” said Reidel. “Our sincere thanks to Mark Pearce, Debbie DeDona and our friends at the EDA and other utilities for helping us change some lives."

Rukshini Ponniah-Goulin, Director of Development for the Downtown Mission, who was on hand to accept the donation, agreed.

“We truly appreciate ENWINs support and are so excited that the initial $900 will now be quadrupled with ENWIN’s generosity, as well as Mr. Quesnel's,” she added. “What an awesome result!”

“So, a small fundraising effort by a group of ENWIN employees and caring industry professionals has doubled twice through powerful, caring partnerships between the utilities, the EDA, a local philanthropist and The Downtown Mission,” observed Reidel. “Proof, yet again, that we are most powerful when we work together!”

$1,800 was delivered to the Downtown Mission today.

ENWIN Utilities Ltd. (ENWIN) is the licensed electricity distribution company, serving customers in the City of Windsor. ENWIN is also licensed operator for the water system owned by Windsor Utilities Commission. ENWIN works to provide a safe, reliable source of electricity and water for our community.