Web Site Privacy Policy

ENWIN Utilities Ltd. ["ENWIN"] understands that personal information is extremely sensitive and recognizes the need to protect the privacy of individuals who interact with ENWIN, directly or indirectly through its website. The purpose of this statement is to inform users of this website about the collection and use of personal information by ENWIN. The following is not intended and should not be interpreted as a contract of any nature, either stated or implied.

Description of the responsibilities of ENWIN Utilities Ltd.

ENWIN is Windsor's local distribution company, responsible for the distribution of electricity and the servicing and maintenance of Windsor's power line infrastructure. As well, ENWIN is a managed services company providing fleet, billing, collections, credit, financial, human resources, customer service and information technology services to the Windsor Utilities Commission ["WUC"] and the City of Windsor. The managed and distribution services provided by ENWIN will be referred to from time to time in this Privacy Policy as the Services.

Providing Personal Information - Directly and Indirectly

For the purposes of this statement, "personal information" means any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual who is the subject of the information.

ENWIN only collects personal information if the collection is expressly authorized by statute, used for the purposes of law enforcement, or, as is generally the case, if the collection is necessary for the proper administration of a lawfully authorized activity such as the Services. Individuals do not have to provide personal information to visit the ENWIN website or to download any information on the website.

The IP address of a computer accessing ENWIN's website is recorded for the purpose of website usage analysis. This means that ENWIN knows the originating IP address of an agent requesting a URL and the e-mail address of the site visitor if he or she has included it in his or her browser. However, there is no attempt to associate any IP address with an individual user. Our logging is passive; we do not use technologies such as cookies to maintain any information on users.

Notice of Collection

Types of Personal Information Collected:

ENWIN collects personal information about you when you register for a new account, notify us that you are moving, order or cancel services, register for epostTM, request tree trimming services, submit a meter reading, request a locate, request financial assistance, or make a request for other Services offered on ENWIN's website from time to time.

The type of personal information collected by ENWIN may include your name, service address (your current and new address), ENWIN account number, phone number, e-mail address, date of birth, driver's license number, social insurance number, and whether you have previously been a customer of ENWIN. You may, but you need not, provide ENWIN with your social insurance number.

ENWIN may also collect credit information of customers who request a waiver of payment of the Deposit required for establishing a new account with ENWIN.

Authority for Collecting Personal Information:

ENWIN collects the personal information of its customers in order to provide services to its customers until the board of directors passes the necessary authorization By-Law; ENWIN also collects the personal information of the customers of the WUC under the authority of a managed services agreement between WUC and ENWIN.

Reasons for Collecting Personal Information:

ENWIN collects and retains personal information for the following reasons:

  • To process your requests for Services, products or additional information
  • To address your needs, whether financial or otherwise
  • To communicate with you regarding Services that you have requested
  • To meet legal and regulatory requirements

Any questions regarding the collection, use, maintenance, and disclosure of your personal information should be directed to ENWIN's Privacy Officer whose contact information is provided below.

Disclosure and Retention of Personal Information

ENWIN understands the dichotomy between ensuring information is accessible to the public and protecting an individual's right to protecting their personal information. ENWIN will not disclose your personal information unless required by law or in accordance with the provisions of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act ["MFIPPA"].

Personal information that has been used by ENWIN is retained for up to one year after its use period, or the period set out in a by-law or resolution passed by the directors of ENWIN (whichever is shorter). You may consent to the earlier disposal by ENWIN of your personal information.

Protection of information via established security procedures

ENWIN adopts measures to prevent unauthorized third party access to your personal information. ENWIN also limits employee access to personal information to only those employees who need access in order to perform their assigned duties.

Other Websites

Various websites may be linked through ENWIN's website. Visitors to linked websites are advised to check the privacy statements on those sites and to be cautious about providing personal information without a clear understanding of how that information will be used.

Requests for Access

Correcting Your Personal Information:

If you believe there is a mistake in your personal information being maintained by ENWIN, you have a right to ask for it to be corrected. We may ask you to provide documentation to confirm that ENWIN's records are incorrect. MFIPPA provides you with the right to request correction of your personal information held by ENWIN if you believe there is an error or omission.

You are entitled to attach a statement of disagreement to the information reflecting any correction you requested but was not made by ENWIN. ENWIN will notify any person or organization to whom your personal information was disclosed within the year before you request correction and advise them about the correction or statement of disagreement.

Disclosure of Records:

Disclosure of information other than your own personal information will be subject to MFIPPA.

All format requests for access to information must be sent in writing to:

Privacy Officer
ENWIN Utilities Ltd.
787 Ouellette Avenue
Windsor, Ontario N9A 5T7
(519) 255-2727
or by email: info@enwin.com

The initial fee for all formal requests is $5.00. This fee must be included with the request. Your formal MFIPPA request will not be processed until the fee is received.

General Inquiries

For general questions, technical questions and information regarding this site, please contact the Privacy Officer at (519) 255-2727.