Regulatory Information

ENWIN’s electricity rates and services are regulated by the Ontario Energy Board ("OEB"), an independent provincial government agency. ENWIN’s applications to the OEB, service documents and license are listed below. Additional information may be found on the OEB’s website at, or by contacting ENWIN at or 519-251-7300.

Conditions of Service

ENWIN's Conditions of Service describe the operating practices, connection policies and the types of service available to the electricity customers within ENWIN's service area.

Conditions of Service - Version 1.1 September 2018

ENWIN is proposing updates to its Electricity Conditions of Service effective February 1, 2023. A summary of the proposed changes and the updated Conditions of Service are provided below. Comments on the proposed changes can be provided to by December 31,2022.

Conditions of Service – Summary of Changes
Conditions of Service - Version 1.2 November 2022

Rate Applications

ENWIN files Rate Applications with the OEB for the approval of electricity distribution rates and other charges.

Major Event Reporting

ENWIN is required to file a report with the OEB when it determines an electricity outage was caused by a Major Event.

OEB Scorecard

ENWIN’s electricity scorecard, which is accompanied by management discussion and analysis to explain the scorecard, demonstrates how ENWIN is performing each year relative to measures determined by the OEB.

Electricity Distribution License

ENWIN operates under the following Electricity Distribution Licence to distribute electricity to customers in its licensed service area.