Regulatory Information

Regulatory Information

From time-to-time, we bring applications to the Ontario Energy Board ("OEB"). In some cases, the OEB requires us to post those applications on our website or the OEB asks us to post other documents.  These documents are listed below, additional information may be found on the Ontario Energy Board website at

For prior years documents please contact or call 519-251-7300.

Notice of Application

ENWIN Utilities Ltd. has applied to the Ontario Energy Board to change our electricity distribution rates. Please review the Ontario Energy Board’s Notice of Hearing to learn more and to find out how you can participate in the Ontario Energy Board’s hearing. 

ENWIN Utilities Ltd. avons déposéune requête auprès de la Commision de l’énergie de l’Ontario afin de modifier nos tarifs de distribution de l’électricité. Veuillez lire l'avis d'audience ci-joint pour vous mieux renseignéet pour savoir comment participer au processus d’audience du tribunal.

Exhibit 1 - Administration (as amended May 17, 2019)

Exhibit 2 - Rate Base

Exhibit 3 - Operating Revenue

Exhibit 4 - Operating Expense

Exhibit 5 - Cost of Capital

Exhibit 6 - Revenue Requirement

Exhibit 7 - Cost Allocation

Exhibit 8 - Rate Design

Exhibit 9 - Deferral and Variance Accounts (as amended May 17, 2019)

To request a hard copy, please contact

For access to all documents related to ENWIN's application, visit the Ontario Energy Board's website. 

Conditions of Service

ENWIN's Conditions of Service describes the operating practices, connection policies and the types of service available to the Customers within ENWIN's service area.

Conditions of Service - Version 1.1 September 2018

Rate Applications

Major Event Reporting