Running for Mental Health

ENWIN Fundraising Campaign Supports Critical Programs

October 23, 2019

Windsor, ON: When Brett Chaborek learned that many local mental health programs were funded primarily through fundraising, he knew he could come up with 26.2 reasons to start a fundraising campaign of his own - the same number (of miles) that he was marathon training for. The aptly named "Brett's Speedy Soles for Mental Health" campaign did just that, motivating his workouts and raising money for Canadian Mental Health Association Windsor-Essex County Branch (CMHA-WECB).

ENWIN employees, Brett's friends and family raised $2,055. As an ENWIN supported grassroots fundraising campaign, the company matched the campaign target goal of $1,000, raising the overall contribution to CHMA-WECB to $3,055.

Meeting his goal of beating his previous year's marathon finish time, Brett completed the Detroit Free Press/TCF Bank Marathon on Sunday, clocking in at 4:36:07.

"Thank you to everyone for your encouragement on this journey," remarked Brett. "The kind words and encouragement I received from everyone really helped keep me going despite foot and knee problems that came up with 10 miles to go. I crossed the finish line with a smile, and am very glad to have run with the support of ENWIN, CMHA-WECB and my Team Nate running group."

Brett Speedy Soles Campaign Marathon Image and Cheque Presentation

PHOTO: (Left) Brett is all smiles after completing the 26.2 mile distance. (Right) Brett presents the donation amount to Kim Willis, Director, Communications & Mental Health Promotion CMHA-WECB.

While Brett is proud of his personal accomplishment, he's even more grateful for the support he received from colleagues, friends and family that will benefit numerous programs at CHMA-WECB. These programs touch all corners of our community, and include:

  • Adult Bereavement
  • Child Bereavement
  • Community Outreach
  • Counselling & Treatment for Depression & Anxiety
  • Early Intervention
  • Homelessness Initiatives
  • Justice Support Services
  • Suicide Education and Prevention
  • and many more...

As for Brett and his speedy soles, he looks forward to continuing long distance running with a goal of one day qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Good luck Brett!