South and West Windsor Power Outages

Transmission Line Problem Reported

September 20, 2018

Windsor, ON:  ENWIN customers in the south and west areas of Windsor experienced power outages last night due to a problem with the transmission line that delivers power from across the province to the Windsor Area. This is a Hydro One line that connects to our system through transformer stations.

Due to an issue with this line, two of the transformer stations providing power to ENWIN customers – the Keith Transformer Station and the Malden Transformer Station – experienced a complete loss of power.

When transmission lines that deliver power to our area fail, ENWIN crews work to re-route power from other areas of our system, in an effort to restore power to the customers affected as quickly as possible. This is the work our crews accomplished last night.

We also work with Hydro One, to try to learn the cause of the outage and when the transmission line will be restored. Hydro One indicated that they had not determined a reason for the feeder issue.

In total, 14,067 ENWIN customers experienced an outage last night. There was at least an equivalent amount of load lost in Essex County for the same duration.

Our outages began at 9:51 p.m. Power was restored to 4,833 customers by 10:03 p.m., and the remaining 9,234 by 10:11 p.m.

Our outage map shows that power has now been restored to all customers in Windsor. If there are any isolated customers still experiencing power issues, they should call 519-255-2727.