Storm Damage Repairs Who Does What?

Damaged Electrical Equipment

In general, the customer is responsible for all electrical equipment attached to the home, including stacks and pipes, and the electrical wires they contain. The utility is responsible for the meter and the wires that leave your stack and attach to the power lines.

Be sure to check your outdoor electrical connections after a storm - even if you have not lost power. Severe weather can damage the equipment attached to your home, and neglecting to repair it can pose a risk to you and to the community.

Image of Hydro meter and Stack connected to a house indicating property of homeowner and property of the utility
Diagram courtesy of the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA)


Take these simple steps to ensure the safety of your home after a storm:

  • Inspect all electrical masts and pipes. This equipment is yours and needs to be in good condition to safely conduct electricity.
  • If you suspect that your equipment is damaged, call a licensed electrical contractor to make repairs and certify safety. In Ontario, only a Licensed Electrical Contractor can perform this work. Using other service providers may delay the reconnection of your electricity, or lead to insurance issues. There are more than 7,000 Licensed Electrical Contractors in Ontario.
  • Once repairs are complete and certified, call ENWIN to reconnect your power.

For your own safety, you should start this process immediately after a storm has passed, providing that there are no downed lines or other electrical hazards present. For more information visit the Electrical Safety Authority website.

Flood Damageimage of two hydro workers checking a downed pole

Storms can also cause damage to pipes and watermains, leading to basement flooding. Remember that electrical equipment and wiring that has been exposed to water may be dangerous when the power comes back on. Take these steps to ensure your safety:

  • If water levels in your basement rise above electrical outlets, or near your electrical panel, stay out of the basement and call ENWIN. We will disconnect your power so that your electrician can safely make repairs.
  • Ensure that the main power service in the house is turned off until all electrical equipment has been tested and certified as safe.
  • Contact a qualified electrician to inspect and repair electrical equipment, including plugs, wires and electrical appliances that may have been in contact with water.
  • Replace anything that has been damaged by water.
  • Do not plug in our use any appliances that have been wet, unless they are checked by a certified electrician.
  • For more information about electrical safety at home after a flood, visit the Electrical Safety Authority website.