Taking Steps for MS

ENWIN Superheroes Support National Event

May 13, 2019

Windsor, ON: I have MS. That's why I walk. I walk for Rhonda... Steve... Cheryl... These powerful messages of support were seen on bibs donned by the large contingent who gathered last Sunday morning along the Ganatchio Trail, to walk in support of those who live with MS.

A call for volunteers from Barbara Peirce Marshall, whose daughter, Steph, is employed by the MS Society of Canada, and who has been diagnosed with MS, was met with enthusiastic with support from across the company.

MS Montage 1

"Through this event, I've learned that many people have family members and friends who are living with MS," said Barbara. "I want to thank my ENWIN colleagues for their support, and for taking the time to call me and share their stories or to attend the event. It was a beautiful and inspiring moment, and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together in the sun."

ENWIN Superhero volunteers staffed registration desks, acquired video clips and photos and joined the walkers along the 5 km route. By joining forces with the other MS volunteers and walkers, our ENWIN Superheroes contributed to the more than $112,000 raised by the Chatham Kent – Windsor-Essex Chapter of the MS Society of Canada.

MS Montage 2

In a post-event email, the MS Society sent a special thank you to those whose presence made the event a success: Ashley Barker, John-Paul Bonadonna, Brett Chaborek, Candice Cotter, Luciano DiPasquale, Rosana Kemsley, Mona Khalil, Catherine Tan, Barbara Peirce Marshall and Alex Wachna.

"We are extremely appreciative for the support you’ve provided," wrote Steph Marshall from the Society's Chatham Kent - Windsor Essex Chapter office. "We couldn't have done it without the ENWIN Superheroes!"