ENWIN Alert to Residents:

Beware Telephone Scams Seeking Bill Payment Over the Phone

April 25, 2018

Windsor, ON: ENWIN is warning customers to be aware of potential telephone fraud. ENWIN has been alerted that a phone scammer is calling business customers claiming to be an ENWIN employee and seeking payment for an overdue bill. When questioned by the customer, the individual provided his or her name and the name of a supervisor, neither of whom are actually ENWIN employees.

ENWIN wants customers to know that the utility does not call customers and demand payment by credit card over the phone.

“We are aware that there have been a series of fraudulent calls being made recently, demanding that customers make immediate payment.” said ENWIN spokesperson, Barbara Peirce Marshall. “We are warning customers to beware of the potential for phone scams, and to protect themselves from fraud.”


Here’s how you can stay safe from phone scams: 


  • If someone calls and threatens to disconnect you if you don’t make a payment right away by credit card or wire transfer, SAY NO and HANG UP! Then call ENWIN at 519-255-2727.

  • NEVER give your personal or financial information over the phone.

  • ENWIN will not call you to ask you for your account number or your credit card number by phone.

  • You are in charge. If you feel unsafe, call Windsor Police Services. 


“We take our responsibility to the community very seriously,” Peirce Marshall continued. “We hope to help customers recognize scams and to prevent fraud.”

Follow @ENWINUtilities on Twitter, or visit https://www.ontario.ca/page/report-scam-or-fraud for more information on fraud prevention.