Turbo Blower Upgrades Exceed Expected Energy Savings: Energy Program Pays Off for Lou Romano Plant and Windsor Taxpayers

September 16, 2016

Windsor, ON: Today, officials from ENWIN Utilities Ltd. (ENWIN) joined Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens at the Lou Romano Water Reclamation Plant.

ENWIN Vice-President, John Wladarski, presented Mayor Dilkens with a cheque for $124,000 – the first of two equal incentive payments for energy savings realized under the Save On Energy PROCESS & SYSTEMS initiative.

As part of its sustainability and energy conservation effort, Windsor’s Lou Romano Water Reclamation Plant applied for, and received, funding for a detailed engineering study under the Save On Energy PROCESS & SYSTEMS initiative, which uncovered potential energy efficiencies in the waste water aeration system at the plant.

“Windsor City Council is committed to making infrastructure decisions that ensure long-term sustainability in all areas, and to promoting choices that support a healthy environment,” said Mayor Dilkens.

“We are thrilled with the impact of the Save On Energy initiative that has resulted in substantial energy savings, while reducing energy consumption and costs at the Lou Romano plant. Our sincere thanks go out to the team at ENWIN and all project partners, for putting this innovative initiative to work in Windsor.”

Details of this Project:

The engineering study undertaken by the Lou Romano facility revealed that the plant’s four 450 HP centrifugal blowers (responsible for aeration of waste water) used approximately 4,453 megawatt hours (MWh) of energy per year, with an estimated annual electricity cost of $451,000.

The study demonstrated that electricity savings of approximately 1,480 MWh could be achieved annually, by installing two 540 HP Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) high efficiency turbo blowers, at an investment of $700,000. The energy savings achieved through this retrofit would translate to an estimated $191,000 in annual savings on the electricity bill and maintenance repair costs.

With a total incentive payment of $240,000 on its original investment from the PROCESS & SYSTEMS initiative, the plant is on track to recoup its investment in just over four years.

The new blowers now provide 99.8 per cent of the required air demand for the system, with the original four blowers retained as stand-by units.

Since installation in November 2015, the turbo blowers have delivered 108 per cent of the anticipated energy savings. They have also reduced noise levels in the plant, creating a more comfortable work environment for plant employees.

The PROCESS & SYSTEMS program was designed by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) and is delivered by ENWIN, to help organizations with complex systems and processes identify, implement and validate energy efficiency projects, from start to finish.

The $124,000 cheque delivered by ENWIN today, represents the first half of the $248,000 incentive that is being provided to the Lou Romano plant under the IESO’s PROCESS & SYSTEMS initiative. After one year of measuring and verifying energy savings, the IESO will deem the energy saving persistent and approve a second cheque for $124,000, to be delivered by ENWIN.

ENWIN customers can learn more about the Save On Energy for BUSINESS programs at www.saveonenergy.com or by calling ENWIN’s conservation team at 519-255-2727 option 6.