WEtech Alliance Partnership Develops ENnovation Catalysts

Published Date
Thursday, March 14, 2019

ENWIN Promotes Innovation

March 13, 2019

Windsor, ON: Dedicated, motivated and innovative. Those were the words used by the innovation experts at WEtech Alliance to describe ENWIN's graduating participants of the ENnovation Catalyst. And, based on the fact that eight of the "ENnovations" presented to ENWIN's executive team are being implemented or slated for further development, WEtech's praise is certainly warranted.

“We were very impressed with the quality of our employees’ presentations and business cases,” said Helga Reidel, President and CEO of ENWIN. “But I was most proud of the level of teamwork across departments.”


At a media event held Wednesday February 27, WEtech Alliance presented the Catalysts with certificates to signify their successful completion of the program.

"We chose ENWIN as our first partner because we knew them to be an innovative company,” remarked Dr. Irek Kusmierczyk, Director of Partnerships for WEtech Alliance. “Because of the Leads and Catalysts at ENWIN, our first Innovation Catalyst class has succeeded beyond all expectation.”

Adam Frye, WEtech Alliance's Director of Business Innovation helped ENWIN employees leverage their diverse work experience to develop customer-centric innovations for presentation to the executives.

“Front-line employees have what I call unlocked potential,” said Frye. “They live challenges and opportunities every single day.”

Catalysts were encouraged to identify issues, develop and refine problem statements, test and validate solutions and build solid business cases around their ideas.



The ENnovation Catalyst program is set to return in 2019.

"This was truly a demonstration of the power of partnership to effect corporate change," remarked Helga Reidel. "We are grateful to WEtech for this experience and look forward to implementing these innovations and developing even more opportunities."