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At the Windsor Utilities Commission, our mandate is to deliver an abundance of clean, reliable and safe water that enhances the quality of life of Windsor's residences and businesses.

We are proud to deliver tap water into our customers' homes that exceeds Ontario's water quality standards. Clean water plays a fundamental role in helping to establish the quality of our lives.

Relationship Between ENWIN Utilities Ltd. and Windsor Utilities Commission (WUC) - The Windsor Utilities Commission (WUC) has outsourced all of its operations to ENWIN through a Water System Operating Agreement (WSOA).  These services help to produce, deliver and maintain WUC assets.  WUC is the legal owner of the water assets.  They regulate water rates, water quality and conservation efforts.  WUC's focus is on rate control, cost control and compliance, making the management of these essential functions easier without the additional responsibility of having to run a highly technical business on a day-to-day basis.  For more information on the structure, click here.

Billing Information - If you are interested in viewing a breakdown of your water billing details, please click here.


Latest News Items

Bulk Water Fill Stations Temporarily Out of Service

Our bulk water fill stations located at 4145 Matchette and 3650 Wyandotte Street East will be out of service from Thursday October 7th until Tuesday October 13th for system upgrades.  The new Flowpoint operating system will be installed.  

Please note our fill stations located at 801 Caron and 2700 Deziel Drive will be available for use.


Both the City of Windsor and Town of Tecumseh have passed by-laws on March 25, 2019 and April 9, 2019 respectively, to reintroduce fluoride into the City of Windsor Drinking Water System.  These by-laws support the requirement of the Fluoridation Act that a majority of municipalities (two out of three) served by the Drinking Water System, must pass a by-law to add fluoride.  As a result, WUC has begun the process to reintroduce fluoride to Windsor's Drinking Water System.  

For more information on Fluoridation, click here.

Pillette / Jos Janisse / Rossini / Pleasant - Watermain Renewal Contract #2019-044

As part of an ongoing infrastructure renewal program, The Windsor Utilities Commission (WUC) will be installing a new 200mm dia. PVC watermain on Jos Janisse, Rossini and Pleasant and a new 300mm dia. PVC watermain on Pillette.

D'Amore Construction (2000) Ltd., under contract with the Windsor Utilities Commission, is scheduled to begin work the week of October 7, 2019.  The project should take approximately 8 weeks to complete.  Project Timing is weather dependent.

WUC Announces Rate Increase for January 1, 2019

Effective January 1, 2019, the basic consumption charge will increase from 60.0 to 62.3 cents per cubic metre for all consumption on and after January 1, 2019.

For more information on water rates, click here.

Important Information: Mandatory Water Meter Replacement Program


In conjunction with the City of Windsor Act (1936) and as authorized through section 195 of the Municipal Act, ENWIN Utilities, on behalf of the Windsor Utilities Commission has established a Water Meter Replacement Program in order to ensure the continued accuracy of your water billings. Neptune Technology Group has been contracted to replace your water meter at no charge to you. You will not be billed for the meter replacement and installation, but all building owners are responsible for costs related to the installer gaining access to a meter location.

For important information on the meter replacement program, click here.