WUC Water Excellence recognized by MECP

ENWIN achieves 100% Rating 10 Years in a Row

September 15, 2021

Windsor, ONGarry Rossi, VP of Water Operations for ENWIN Utilities Ltd. (ENWIN) informed the Windsor Utilities Commission (WUC) Wednesday that Windsor’s Water System Inspection Report from Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) has rated the utility at a 100% inspection rating for the 10th year in a row.   

“We are very proud of our team’s accomplishment here,” stated Rossi.  “A decade of 100% ratings from the MECP is further indication of the dedication, expertise and innovation exercised by our staff on behalf of the Windsor Utilities Commission. We are very proud of this achievement.” 

The MECP forwarded its annual distribution inspection report for the City of Windsor Drinking Water System, along with the corresponding Inspection Rating Report (IRR) and Risk Methodology document to the utility on Tuesday.

The IRR is a summarized quantitative measure of the drinking water system’s annual inspection and is published in the Ministry’s Chief Drinking Water Inspector’s Annual Report. The Risk Methodology document describes the risk rating methodology which has been applied to the findings of the Ministry’s municipal residential drinking water system inspection results. 

“ENWIN and WUC are leading the way in North American water purification and treatment,” noted Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens, who is chair of the Windsor Utilities Commission. “We are honoured to continue to provide the very best service to meet the water needs of our community.”

“This is indeed a great accomplishment,” added ENWIN CEO, Helga Reidel. “With support from WUC, we continue to grow, build and innovate, and to ensure the ongoing delivery of a safe, reliable, abundant supply of drinking water for our city.” 

Congratulations to the entire water operations team on this wonderful achievement.