WUC Ensures Safe Water Hydrant Flow 

ENWIN Team Conducting Water System Flow Testing Until Septembe

May 10, 2021

Windsor, ON: Recognizing a need to maintain a safe level of water hydrant pressure to serve our community, ENWIN is conducting its annual Hydrant Flow Testing program across Windsor. This is part of an annual operation to test hydrant water flow, remove sediment from the pipes, maintain water clarity and quality and ensure adequate water supply to fight fires. The program runs from May to October. 

Mild discolouration and sedimentation may occur when testing is being conducted. This is normal and should clear up quickly. Customers can rest assured that their water is safe, and boiling water is not necessary. 

ENWIN recommends that customers follow the guidelines listed below, when system testing is underway in their area:

  • Avoid doing laundry until water runs clear;
  • Wait until water is clear before drinking;
  • Use only cold water until system flow testing is complete;
  • When testing is complete, run cold water until it runs clear. 

Customers who have questions about the testing program, or who continue to see discolouration in their water 12 hours after flushing has been completed, should call ENWIN at 519-255-2727 or reach out by email to info@enwin.com

Daily updates will be posted on @enwinutilities and the ENWIN Website Twitter Feed. For tips on what to expect, visit Water Hydrant Flow Testing Program. For information on the testing area visit 2021 Flow Testing Boundaries.

Customers who have further questions regarding the flushing operations in their neighbourhoods, can contact ENWIN at info@enwin.com or by calling 519-255-2727.